Managing Marijuana: Benefits of Weed

In 2008 and overwhelming 97,800,000, or 39.8% of the American population age 16 and up, admitted to trying marijuana at least one time. There really isn’t a good reason that marijuana hasn’t been decriminalized in the United State.

First I will explain the medical benefits, then the financial benefits, and finally tie it all together to prove that marijuana should be legal. First it is important to understand how marijuana compares with other substances. Every year more and more American’s become addicted to smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes cause a variety of problems not limited to chronic lung disorder, stroke, and cancer. Despite the government’s efforts to curb tobacco abuse with a huge tax hike, cigarettes still kill 440,000 people a year. To put that in perspective, that is the equivalent of three 747 jets packed to full capacity crashing without a survivor EVERY DAY. But tobacco isn’t the only controlled substance annihilating the population daily. Alcohol abuse is a huge problem. It causes depressed immune system and liver failure while claiming 47,099 lives per year. In a recent study, 68% of the American public age 21 and up admitted to drinking at least once a month.

Cocaine is not legal in the US for obvious reasons but still claims 11187 lives yearly while causing seizures, cardiac arrest, and heart failure. Marijuana on the other hand causes daydreaming, dry mouth, and short term memory loss. Not only are these symptoms near harmless, marijuana has some seriously positive effects. It is prescribed as medication in the state of California to treat glaucoma, anxiety, cancer, and nausea. It seems pretty obvious that marijuana should not be illegal, but it is even more important to note how much the government is spending to repress it. Continue reading...

Types of Natural Mind Altering Herbs

As some topics seem to explode, not much is said about natural mind-alterants. There are several different natural mind alterations and natural mood enhancers such as stimulants, mood brighteners, brain boosters, relaxants, inebriants, and aphrodisiacs.

Some effects are shared among the natural remedies but each remedy seems to have its very own unique attribute. Many are still in question in North America, especially the Western society. Natural mind alteration causes a confusion and resistance among some public and political representatives.

Stimulants, also known as excitants, are substances that increase action of the central nervous system. This leads to improved alertness, higher ability to concentrate, and increased physical and mental endurance. Caffeine is the most popular stimulant in the U.S. found in drinks such as coffee and soda. Several caffeinated herbs such as green tea have additional ingredients that prove to be a healthier source of caffeine. Even though ephedrine contains no caffeine, its effect on the brain is the same. Ephedrine is a bite more potent, and as a result a very controversial topic in the natural herb world. Certain amino acids, primarily phenylalanine and tyrosine, can also provide an energy lift. Using a vaporizer like the pax 3 could easily enhance these effects so you should try it to experience a whole new level of stimulation. Continue reading...

Second-hand hemp smoke

Second-hand hemp smoke

One question I see around is will you test positive for second-hand hemp smoke. Yes, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the principle. If THC tetrahyrdacanibinal enters your body in any way or from any distance you risk it showing up on screens or tests. Risk is the keyword here, because you were maybe around someone smoking marijuana doesn’t mean it will show up 100% of the time. If your exposure was only a brief and was at a very low content meaning your friend was smoking pot across the room and you walked by in and out, it may not show up, but if you had a large enough exposure it can be noticed. If you are worried sick about testing positive it might help to know that there are many detox products available to get. I have not studied any of them in detail but

If you are worried sick about testing positive it might help to know that there are many detox products available to get. I have not studied any of them in detail but basically, a word of caution is not to rely on them. If you think it will help yes get some and use it but just understand sometimes tetrahyrdacanibinal has shown up still. Should be noted I guess that the detox products will only save you from the blood and urine drug tests and not the hair and nail.

Your doctor can tell if you had exposure to marijuana or smoked or ingested pot in any way by many means so here is some things you can try to do If the test is recent and upcoming try to delay it even for a day or two just to give that extra amount of time. If you are required to get drug screening try to get urine or blood rather than other methods as these two will be better and have a maximum of around 30 days that weed can show up.

Use a detox drink that can be bought almost anywhere. Many people say they work. Some of the products even claim to work that day. Let’s face it, drug screening or tests are scary and although you cannot change the fact that you have tetrahyrdacanibinal in your body because you smoked weed. You can try to change the results. Continue reading...

Stock up on personal test kits

Stock up on personal test kits

By taking a regular home drug test, you will always know before anyone else does on what exactly will show up. This can save you losing a job; no one wants to be in financial trouble simply don’t risk getting that random drug test at work or losing a promotion or worse getting fired after taking their drug test and failing.

Its not unheard of for parents to get their children even when over age to take a drug test, maybe because they are providing a collage fund for you, or it is one of the conditions for living in their home no matter what their reason protect you today and get your home drug test kit and find out if you are going to pass now.

There may be many more reasons to take your drug test kit to find out what might show up is not you, and this is the point. You will have your reasons, and I’m not here to judge. Instead, I’m here to offer you a solution to your situation.

If you are facing having a possible drug test coming up, you most likely will face the same test again shortly, so stock up now because you never know when you will need to test yourself at home.

Is it expensive

Not at all, they are very affordable, but no one can put a price on your security anyways. How much you are willing to spend to have peace of mind is something you have to decide. For the cost of making sure you are not going to be surprised after that long span of not using pick up your home drug test kit today. For everything else, YotYiam. Continue reading...

Positive on drug screening

Positive on drug screening

Are you worried that you may test positive on a drug screen? Well, in short, you should be if you have recently consumed pot. There are many ways to tell if you have THC in your system which is the main identifying marker for which you would be tested. In some cases, you could test positive for up to 30 days after smoking or eating pot but this has many variables and determining an exact time frame is impossible to do. Tetrahyrdacanibinal THC stores itself in body fat so depending on size and weight this could affect the outcome of your test. This is considering the type of screening you are getting or might get. The normal way to find out is by doctors running a blood or urine test, but there are even more ways and most people do not know this or fully understand what this means.

In some situations hair and  fingernails can be tested for THC is these are the worst two if you are required to take one. Signals of pot use can appear to the right hair test for up to a year or more and the fingernail cuticle test could reveal even longer then that. If you have a court ordered drug screen and they specify a one of the two above you should really worry but at lest you can avoid one of them. If you have to get your hair tested for THC the best thing to do is the day before just cut it short if you are a girl or a guy just shave it right down to little stubs pretty much just enough for them to get a small piece. Continue reading...

Glass bubbler pipes

Glass bubbler pipes

A crazed combination of a water bong and pipe all mixed into one little package. These glass bubbler pipes are the best of both world half being a pipe and the other a water bong. For those who love to smoke a pipe but find it often to harsh then glass bubblers are for you. If you are looking to buy bubbler pipes you have come to the right place, We have a list of bubblers and the companies you can buy then from below.

Inferno snake glass bubbler

This amazing hand blown bubbler is a creation in it self with each one being unique. Able to hold a large amount of water and equipped with a large pipe and a good sized bowl this one will ensure big smooth tokes.

Molino winged bubbler
Made with the best borosilicate glass and engineered by reverse glass blowing techniques this is another innovation by Molino. Each pipe is unique since they are blow by hand

Molino double reversed blue bubbler
Made out of borosilicate high end glass makes this bubbler a life long companion. Amazing blue design with ducktale and an almost straight up pipe shaft you simply cannot go wrong with this one.

Inferno dimpled and lined bubbler
For this price it doesnt get any better then this. With a unique style and a large reserve for water the buck stops here.

Glass bubblers are easy to toke and enjoy. Being cost effective and absolute unique designs these style of pipe find homes in every ones hearts. Very portable and easy to clean these bubblers are becoming a hit sensation and top sellers for bong companies. Continue reading...

How to clean bong downspouts

How to clean bong downspouts

Like all bong equipment, your bong downspout should also get a daily cleaning.

  • Use any of the above methods to clean your bongs downspout.
  • If you have a diffused downspout you might not want to use the finger method since the solution will leak
  • A good way to always have a clean bong downspout is to buy an extra and let site in isopropanol 99% when not in use.

Caution is in order when cleaning bong downspouts. They can break very easily.
Cleaning weed pipes Best way to clean weed pipes
You defiantly will want to clean your weed pipe since when pulling a dirty pipe will not be good for dental hygiene

  1. Place your finger over the choke hole of the pipe and also inside the bowl.
  2. Tip upside down and add salt and isopropanol 99% in the mouth piece.
  3. Taking another hand or finger also cover the mouth piece.
  4. Now shake around the weed pipe with the isopropanol 99%  and salt inside for about 1 minute.
  5. Pour out the isopropanol 99% and salt and take tissue and clean the bowl.
  6. Rinse and you are done.

Polishing up the bongs bowl, downspout or pipes
Want to achieve that head shop sparkle in your equipment like the day you bought it? After you clean try giving the bongs, bowls, pipes, downspouts a rinse of Windex or window cleaner. By doing this it stops the water marks that appear from the drying water after you cleaned it. After you rinse with window cleaner then rinse again with water. The last rinse gets rid of the window cleaner chemicals will stopping hard water stains on the glass. Continue reading...

How to pass a drug test

How to pass a drug test

Often in many situations, you will have to take part in a drug test and this may be because of work, personal or even criminal matters so why not find out now if you will pass a drug test. Incredibly there are ways to test yourself at home to see what shows up in your system using a home drug test kit. Why risk taking a real drug test if you are only going to fail it just does not make sense find out before hand so that you may find some way to delay the real drug test until things clear out of your body. We have found a company that offers home drug test kits that work and

We have found a company that offers home drug test kits that work and are very cheap considering it may just save you a heap of trouble.This home drug test is a urine test that you can take part in the privacy of your own washroom.

THC and cannabis, in general, can stay in your system for up to 30 days sometimes less sometimes more this differs from person to person. If you want to find how can you pass a drug test is to take a home drug test.

What are the benefits of taking a home drug test

By taking a regular home drug test you will always know before anyone else does on what exactly will show up. This can save you losing a job, no one wants to be in financial trouble simply don’t risk getting that random drug test at work or losing a promotion or worse getting fired after taking their drug test and failing. Continue reading...