How to roll a joint

How to roll a joint

Now we have all been here, wanting to smoke a joint but just cant figure out how to. Either you always had someone rolling it for you or you always smoked bongs, there comes a time where you will be all by yourself with no bong and only weed and a couple papers. Here I will teach you how to roll a joint the easiest way there is.

Before we get started make sure you have a couple papers handy just in case you dont get it right the first time, dont worry though everyone needs to practice this at one point in their life, remember practice makes perfect.

First step your going to need to grind up your weed, since this is just a practice joint were not going to roll a joint thats huge nor is it a pinner joint either. So grind up about half a gram for now, grind up more if you think that its not enough. Now take your paper and hold it at the side where the sticky part is at the top like the picture on the left.

Now you want to fold the bottom part of the paper in half, line the bottom with the middle crease and fold it. This will make it easier for keeping the weed in the paper. Continue reading...

How and where to buy percolator bongs

How and where to buy percolator bongs

4If a head-shop does not have them then head elsewhere as this is not a place you should do business with since they are not making the effort to bring you the best smoking equipment possible. Buying online is easy and secure, But the only problem is you will have to wait 2-4 weeks for delivery. This time delay is normal and to be perfectly honest “is well worth it” Because you have thousands of styles available to you at your fingertips. You will be able to buy the exact one you like at a reasonable price.

Many styles

There are literally thousands of types and hundreds of bong manufacturers to choose from so when it comes to deciding what kind to buy, You may have to think a while. If you have never used a perc bong before…. you will be in the dark about which style you want or how it will affect your smoking experience, But worry not because no matter what kind you choose from the design of these kinds of bongs are very slimier involving the percolator part anyways.

Frost gr 3

This is an upgraded frost percolator bong. Featuring a wicked inset percolator and encased in 5 mm Pyrex glass this bong will make your friends jealous. Comes with a glass on glass bowl as well and of course free screens.

  Continue reading...

Stop wasting weed

Stop wasting weed

Wasting weed is very common almost everyone who smokes it does in some way waste a huge amount when added up over the course of a year and you might be blown away but just how much. Weed gets wasted in many ways such as weed lost that fell through the bowl in your bong and down into the water. By filling the bowl too much or even letting your weed dry out too much.

Stop wasting weed and learn how to conserve.

1. Most find that a fully packed bowl marijuana is both pleasing to the eye and functional since you won’t have to repack it but you should avoid this at any cost. The reason this is not a good way to conserve your stash is in between hits the weed will still be burning and thus wasting away, unless you consider it incense you should only fill the bowl enough for a few pulls. Over a long period of time and depending on how much weed you smoke you could save a huge amount following this simple tip.

2. For the love of god use a gauze in your bowl, also known as a weed screen. So much gets lost into the bong its not even funny, and if you think it is recoverable I say good luck to you because fishing weed out of bong water is a pain in the ass.

3. Always keep your weed at lest a little bit moist, why? because super dry weed burns real quick and just like the movie, it goes up in smoke.

4. Always roll your joints, blunts on a rolling tray, if you dont you will lose a considerable amount over time by crystals and tiny weed particles falling off. The same goes for packing bowls, use a tray with upper edges. When you are done always put the remainder away so a fan or gust of wind doesnt send your weed flying away.

5. Do not let your weed get to much moisture for too long because weed does get moldy and you do not want to smoke moldy weed.

6. Scrape out your bowls after a few sessions because they get filled up with resin and this makes pulling a haul very hard and often you just end up lighting the weed on top but cant really pull it in.

7. Do not roll big joints or blunts, this just wastes weed at an incredible rate, it may look cool but a few days later if you are out you will wish you didnt.

8. A great way on how not to waste your weed is by not carrying the bud around with out being wrapped up. It is only common sense some of the bud can fall off.

9. Do not smoke too much, There is a point when smoking more is a waste and has no effect in the big picture. Just wait awhile.

10. Using the right kind of lighter can avoid weed being wasting. Continue reading...

Cannabis kreations

Cannabis kreations

Although this may seem obvious to those who know how. My own experience with a friend made me think maybe I should write about how to smoke a bong for any of those who do not know how. Basically, you want to pack your bowl full of herb make sure you are standing or at least sitting because these are the two positions that constrict the lung the least and put your mouth on the mouthpiece or bong chamber and light the bowl. If you cant take a big toke then only light for 1 second and pull. As soon as you see the bong start to fill up stop pulling lift the bowl out if its a pullout and inhale all the herb all at once. Constrict your chest and hold in for a few seconds then gently exhale the herb.

Sounds easy right knowing how to smoke a bong? My friend could not understand this fact no matter how many times I tried to explain it. He would light the bowl as you should then keep inhaling only to stop 1/4 through and left the bowl in. I would say dude take it all in his reply was Nahhh arghgg I cant I explained to him he couldnt take it all in cause he never lifted the damn bowl out! He is not the first person either that I have come across that simply dont understand if its a pull out bowl its meant to be pulled out lol, And if its a leave in bowl just release the choke. The worst thing you can do is leave a bunch of the damn herb smoke in the bong for more than 20 seconds because it does get stale no matter what you think and will seem much harsher then if you took the whole herb toke in at once. For us how to smoke a bong seems easy but for others, it is a continuous learning curve. Continue reading...