How To Get A Medical Marijuana License

To get a license of medical marijuana is very sensitive issue. Medical marijuana is very helpful who are suffering from glaucoma, epilepsy and cancer also. Before 30 years, medical marijuana was banned for everyone.

But now, still November 2010, fifteen states in United States that have produced use of it legal which are Alaska in 1998, Arizona in 2010, California in 1996, Colorado in 2000, Hawaii in 2000, Maine in 1999, Michigan in 2008, Montana in 2004, Nevada in 2000, New Jersey in 2010, New Mexico in 2007, Oregon in 1998, Rhode Island in 2006, Vermont in 2004, Washington in 1988 and recently Washington D.C. legalized its use in 2010.

Arizona is the first state which passing a public opinion on 6th November 1996 for marijuana’s use for medical purpose. It is illegal to grow plants of marijuana throughout the US. There are many different ways to get medical marijuana license for every state. If you want to get a medical marijuana license then you need an application, a letter from your physician, your medical records, Photo ID. If you want medical marijuana license then I have some suggestions for you.

There were still 12 states that had pending legalization include Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Oklahoma and West Virginia. Continue reading...

Legalization of Hemp

Legalization of Hemp

Are you ready to march for the legalization of marijuana? If so then you should be at the marijuana march this year. This is a one-day event takes place on the first Saturday in May and has been doing so for the past 13 years now.  People all over the world participate in this global event, this year 236 cities from around the world have already signed up for the march.

Since 1999 millions of people all over the world have come together to march for the legalization of marijuana and still year after year our protests get ignored, but we can’t stop now we will continue to fight for it, even if it takes another 10 years, one day our protests will be heard and one day we will get marijuana legalized we can’t give up hope just yet. We should all thank Dana Beal and Cannabis Culture for all their hard work they do year after year, to get this event going. They are the ones who created this one-day event 13 years ago now.

Depending on where you live the marijuana march can be called various names for example in Spain they call it the Million Joint March  other names include: World Cannabis Day, Cannabis Liberation Day, Global Space Odyssey, Ganja Day, Million Blunts March and many more, so if you smoke marijuana and you want it legalized then go to the marijuana march or the million joint march whatever its called where you are, and come show your support on the legalization of marijuana.To see if your city is participating in this worldwide event go. It has all the up to date cities that have joined this year. Continue reading...

Use a rolling machine

Use a rolling machine

Now take your ground up weed and start sprinkling it in the paper til you have all your weed in it or until you have your desired amount in the paper. Now that fold that you made earlier will also help with this part too. Fold the bottom on the paper into the middle crease. Now turn the joint around where you can roll towards you instead of rolling away from your body. People may say that its rolling backward but if you just learning this is much easier for beginners.

Now that you have the bottom part rolled into the middle, slowly roll the joint up, its easier if you roll it up and down then back up again this will spread the weed evenly throughout the joint but be careful not to let too much weed fall out or you will end up with a pinner. After you have rolled it almost to the sticky part turn the joint around, so the sticky part faces you again, now lick the sticky part and finish rolling it up then light it up.

Remember if this is your very first time rolling a joint, it is probably going to take you a couple tries to get it right but don’t worry we have all been there before, no one was born with How to roll a joint in their head. If you cant roll a joint this way there are other methods you can try, like using a rolling machine which will help you in those desperate times. Continue reading...

Aesthetics up a notch

Aesthetics up a notch

Not much different than a regular bong regarding purpose ( inhale smoke), But functionality and aesthetics are completely kicked up a notch. A percolator is an added chamber which is separated from the base by glass. Not only will water be present in the base, But also in the extra chamber. Some have one to even 4 or dare I say more each with water in them. Many manufacturers claim by having more smoke pass through more chambers; This will enhance your smoking experience by cooling and filtering the smoke. “Filtering, “the pl,” you say? Yes but not these plant junk that accompanies the THC or trying to hitch the ride with the THC. Obviously your goal isn’t to combine ones self with plant matter, But to simply get buzzed right?. By adding additional sections  will allow the smoke to cool down  and additional filtering will give you the best smoking experience from your bong. The filtering process can be noticed very well with a percolator bong that has 2 or more chambers. You will notice as you go up through the sections, Each chamber will have clearer water. What does this mean for you? It means a more enjoyable healthier smoke.

This percolator bong is one of the best in class for it’s price. Made of Pyrex glass of 5mm virtually unbreakable. Also included is the awesome bowl also made of Pyrex. If that wasn’t enough you also get free screens with your purchase and other goodies when you spend over 29.00 dollars.

So what is a percolator bong really?

A percolator bong is a regular smoking bong with added features, Giving some nice eye candy and adding filtration of the cannabis smoke. Some have stated they do not prefer smoking out of perc bongs because they are harder to pull through (Which is true), But this cannot and should not be slated across the whole industry, Because each manufacturer differs and each percolator bong on it’s own will be different ( Obviously they are not all the same). It is true that by adding a choke point via the Perc and then adding water on top will increase the effort of drawing smoke through it, But this should not make that big of a difference, Continue reading...

Cleaning glass bong bowls

Cleaning glass bong bowls

After a few uses your bong and its weed bowl will usually have a build up of weed ash and weed resin. At first this may not be a big deal but over time your bongs bowl will get so dirty it will literally get clogged up with resin and you will be unable to smoke through your bong or at lest its bowl anyways anymore until you clean it. Many bong shops will try and sell you their overpriced bong and pipe cleaners without informing you there is a cheaper better solution to cleaning your bowls. All you have to do is invest under 10 dollars in buying isopropanol 99% rubbing alcohol which can be found at most pharmacies.By cleaning your bongs bowl, pipe, or downspout you can with very little work make your equipment look just like the day you bought it.
How to clean your bongs bowl cleaning your bongs bowl in a bag
A very clean easy way to keep your bowls

  1.  Use a Ziploc baggie and pour ispropanol about 1/4 of the bag.
  2. Add a few tablespoons of salt.
  3. Now add your glass bong bowl or metal bowl.
  4. Close the seal and shake for about a minute.

Now depending on how much weed resin has built up in the bowl your may need to let the bowl sit in the solution for about 30 minutes.
Other ways to clean your bongs bowl Using the finger method
This is perhaps the best way to clean your bongs bowl fast and easy. Be careful not to drop the bow.

  1. Place your finger inside the bowl lightly.
  2. Turn the bowl upside down.
  3. pour salt in the bottom of the bowls downspout but only a small amount.
  4. While continuing to have your finger in the bowl add isopropanol 99% in the bottom.
  5. One the isopropanol 99% is added take another finger and hold the bottom end.
  6. Shake around for about 1 minute and dump out the dirt.
  7. Take some tissue and clean the weed bowl top, It will be soaked in isopropanol 99% so it will clean. easy.
  8. Your done.

Cleaning your bongs bowl leave in method
The best way to ensure your bowls are always clean is to leave your bowls in isopropanol 99% over night.

  1. Using Tupperware pour in enough isopropanol 99% to cover your weed bowls.
  2. Add salt and stir or shake.
  3. Place the used weed bowls inside and let sit over night ( make sure to put a lid on the container)
  4. Moving on to the next day: your bowl will be nice and clean so just rinse and use.
Continue reading...
Diffusers make a difference

Diffusers make a difference

Many bongs come with diffusers nowadays with different styles colors shapes and sizes but do they make a difference. Absolutely without a doubt, bong diffusers completely changed our smoking experience from our favorite piece. Percolators although different in the purpose technically function as a diffuser in the same manner as downspout diffusers do. By separating the cannabis smoke into smaller streams allows the smoke to be cooled much faster than by using a standard downspout without a diffuser or a bong without a percolator. The most widely used type of diffuser is most noticeable by the slices in the glass near the downspout base. Obviously never attempt to make your own diffuser out of glass because there is an extreme chance of injuring yourself. One of the best reasons to upgrade your bong from the regular downspout in your bong you already have and yes it is possible. All you have to do is remove the current downspout, Take a measurement of it and run to your local head shop and inform them of the size you require. Most head shops have single piece downspout diffusers you can purchase extremely cheap in the range of 3 25 dollars depending on what size, Thickness, Make, and quality you need. Are there exceptions to the rule? yes, Some unique diffusers for

All you have to do is remove the current downspout, Take a measurement of it and run to your local head shop and inform them of the size you require. Most head shops have single piece downspout diffusers you can purchase extremely cheap in the range of 3 25 dollars depending on what size, Thickness, Make, and quality you need. Are there exceptions to the rule? yes, Some unique diffusers for bongs can be higher then 25 dollars, But only in the case of workmanship and the extra eye candy a company puts into that particular design.
This is a common question and really doesnt have an answer that would be widely excepted. One might think to themselves an answer of (no) but many claim it does make a tiny difference on the pulling of the bong whether easier or not. So this will be left up to you the reader to decide. As for the functionality of bong diffusers there is simply no question, They do make a difference no matter what temperature the water is or the size of the bong this is without question.If you are interested in a killer setup adding diffusers to your percolator bong is hands down only going to benefit anyone smoking out of the newly diffused downspout bong. Even more sick is having a diffused downspout then adding a diffused ash catcher on a percolator bong, This insuring the maximum cooling or heating (if your using hot water) for your bong. Continue reading...