Cleaning glass bong bowls

Cleaning glass bong bowls

After a few uses your bong and its weed bowl will usually have a build up of weed ash and weed resin. At first this may not be a big deal but over time your bongs bowl will get so dirty it will literally get clogged up with resin and you will be unable to smoke through your bong or at lest its bowl anyways anymore until you clean it. Many bong shops will try and sell you their overpriced bong and pipe cleaners without informing you there is a cheaper better solution to cleaning your bowls. All you have to do is invest under 10 dollars in buying isopropanol 99% rubbing alcohol which can be found at most pharmacies.By cleaning your bongs bowl, pipe, or downspout you can with very little work make your equipment look just like the day you bought it.
How to clean your bongs bowl cleaning your bongs bowl in a bag
A very clean easy way to keep your bowls

  1.  Use a Ziploc baggie and pour ispropanol about 1/4 of the bag.
  2. Add a few tablespoons of salt.
  3. Now add your glass bong bowl or metal bowl.
  4. Close the seal and shake for about a minute.

Now depending on how much weed resin has built up in the bowl your may need to let the bowl sit in the solution for about 30 minutes.
Other ways to clean your bongs bowl Using the finger method
This is perhaps the best way to clean your bongs bowl fast and easy. Be careful not to drop the bow.

  1. Place your finger inside the bowl lightly.
  2. Turn the bowl upside down.
  3. pour salt in the bottom of the bowls downspout but only a small amount.
  4. While continuing to have your finger in the bowl add isopropanol 99% in the bottom.
  5. One the isopropanol 99% is added take another finger and hold the bottom end.
  6. Shake around for about 1 minute and dump out the dirt.
  7. Take some tissue and clean the weed bowl top, It will be soaked in isopropanol 99% so it will clean. easy.
  8. Your done.

Cleaning your bongs bowl leave in method
The best way to ensure your bowls are always clean is to leave your bowls in isopropanol 99% over night.

  1. Using Tupperware pour in enough isopropanol 99% to cover your weed bowls.
  2. Add salt and stir or shake.
  3. Place the used weed bowls inside and let sit over night ( make sure to put a lid on the container)
  4. Moving on to the next day: your bowl will be nice and clean so just rinse and use.