Glass bubbler pipes

Glass bubbler pipes

A crazed combination of a water bong and pipe all mixed into one little package. These glass bubbler pipes are the best of both world half being a pipe and the other a water bong. For those who love to smoke a pipe but find it often to harsh then glass bubblers are for you. If you are looking to buy bubbler pipes you have come to the right place, We have a list of bubblers and the companies you can buy then from below.

Inferno snake glass bubbler

This amazing hand blown bubbler is a creation in it self with each one being unique. Able to hold a large amount of water and equipped with a large pipe and a good sized bowl this one will ensure big smooth tokes.

Molino winged bubbler
Made with the best borosilicate glass and engineered by reverse glass blowing techniques this is another innovation by Molino. Each pipe is unique since they are blow by hand

Molino double reversed blue bubbler
Made out of borosilicate high end glass makes this bubbler a life long companion. Amazing blue design with ducktale and an almost straight up pipe shaft you simply cannot go wrong with this one.

Inferno dimpled and lined bubbler
For this price it doesnt get any better then this. With a unique style and a large reserve for water the buck stops here.

Glass bubblers are easy to toke and enjoy. Being cost effective and absolute unique designs these style of pipe find homes in every ones hearts. Very portable and easy to clean these bubblers are becoming a hit sensation and top sellers for bong companies.