How and where to buy percolator bongs

How and where to buy percolator bongs

4If a head-shop does not have them then head elsewhere as this is not a place you should do business with since they are not making the effort to bring you the best smoking equipment possible. Buying online is easy and secure, But the only problem is you will have to wait 2-4 weeks for delivery. This time delay is normal and to be perfectly honest “is well worth it” Because you have thousands of styles available to you at your fingertips. You will be able to buy the exact one you like at a reasonable price.

Many styles

There are literally thousands of types and hundreds of bong manufacturers to choose from so when it comes to deciding what kind to buy, You may have to think a while. If you have never used a perc bong before…. you will be in the dark about which style you want or how it will affect your smoking experience, But worry not because no matter what kind you choose from the design of these kinds of bongs are very slimier involving the percolator part anyways.

Frost gr 3

This is an upgraded frost percolator bong. Featuring a wicked inset percolator and encased in 5 mm Pyrex glass this bong will make your friends jealous. Comes with a glass on glass bowl as well and of course free screens.