How to clean bong downspouts

How to clean bong downspouts

Like all bong equipment, your bong downspout should also get a daily cleaning.

  • Use any of the above methods to clean your bongs downspout.
  • If you have a diffused downspout you might not want to use the finger method since the solution will leak
  • A good way to always have a clean bong downspout is to buy an extra and let site in isopropanol 99% when not in use.

Caution is in order when cleaning bong downspouts. They can break very easily.
Cleaning weed pipes Best way to clean weed pipes
You defiantly will want to clean your weed pipe since when pulling a dirty pipe will not be good for dental hygiene

  1. Place your finger over the choke hole of the pipe and also inside the bowl.
  2. Tip upside down and add salt and isopropanol 99% in the mouth piece.
  3. Taking another hand or finger also cover the mouth piece.
  4. Now shake around the weed pipe with the isopropanol 99%  and salt inside for about 1 minute.
  5. Pour out the isopropanol 99% and salt and take tissue and clean the bowl.
  6. Rinse and you are done.

Polishing up the bongs bowl, downspout or pipes
Want to achieve that head shop sparkle in your equipment like the day you bought it? After you clean try giving the bongs, bowls, pipes, downspouts a rinse of Windex or window cleaner. By doing this it stops the water marks that appear from the drying water after you cleaned it. After you rinse with window cleaner then rinse again with water. The last rinse gets rid of the window cleaner chemicals will stopping hard water stains on the glass.