How To Get A Medical Marijuana License

To get a license of medical marijuana is very sensitive issue. Medical marijuana is very helpful who are suffering from glaucoma, epilepsy and cancer also. Before 30 years, medical marijuana was banned for everyone.

But now, still November 2010, fifteen states in United States that have produced use of it legal which are Alaska in 1998, Arizona in 2010, California in 1996, Colorado in 2000, Hawaii in 2000, Maine in 1999, Michigan in 2008, Montana in 2004, Nevada in 2000, New Jersey in 2010, New Mexico in 2007, Oregon in 1998, Rhode Island in 2006, Vermont in 2004, Washington in 1988 and recently Washington D.C. legalized its use in 2010.

Arizona is the first state which passing a public opinion on 6th November 1996 for marijuana’s use for medical purpose. It is illegal to grow plants of marijuana throughout the US. There are many different ways to get medical marijuana license for every state. If you want to get a medical marijuana license then you need an application, a letter from your physician, your medical records, Photo ID. If you want medical marijuana license then I have some suggestions for you.

There were still 12 states that had pending legalization include Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Oklahoma and West Virginia.