Managing Marijuana: Benefits of Weed

In 2008 and overwhelming 97,800,000, or 39.8% of the American population age 16 and up, admitted to trying marijuana at least one time. There really isn’t a good reason that marijuana hasn’t been decriminalized in the United State.

First I will explain the medical benefits, then the financial benefits, and finally tie it all together to prove that marijuana should be legal. First it is important to understand how marijuana compares with other substances. Every year more and more American’s become addicted to smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes cause a variety of problems not limited to chronic lung disorder, stroke, and cancer. Despite the government’s efforts to curb tobacco abuse with a huge tax hike, cigarettes still kill 440,000 people a year. To put that in perspective, that is the equivalent of three 747 jets packed to full capacity crashing without a survivor EVERY DAY. But tobacco isn’t the only controlled substance annihilating the population daily. Alcohol abuse is a huge problem. It causes depressed immune system and liver failure while claiming 47,099 lives per year. In a recent study, 68% of the American public age 21 and up admitted to drinking at least once a month.

Cocaine is not legal in the US for obvious reasons but still claims 11187 lives yearly while causing seizures, cardiac arrest, and heart failure. Marijuana on the other hand causes daydreaming, dry mouth, and short term memory loss. Not only are these symptoms near harmless, marijuana has some seriously positive effects. It is prescribed as medication in the state of California to treat glaucoma, anxiety, cancer, and nausea. It seems pretty obvious that marijuana should not be illegal, but it is even more important to note how much the government is spending to repress it.