Positive on drug screening

Positive on drug screening

Are you worried that you may test positive on a drug screen? Well, in short, you should be if you have recently consumed pot. There are many ways to tell if you have THC in your system which is the main identifying marker for which you would be tested. In some cases, you could test positive for up to 30 days after smoking or eating pot but this has many variables and determining an exact time frame is impossible to do. Tetrahyrdacanibinal THC stores itself in body fat so depending on size and weight this could affect the outcome of your test. This is considering the type of screening you are getting or might get. The normal way to find out is by doctors running a blood or urine test, but there are even more ways and most people do not know this or fully understand what this means.

In some situations hair and  fingernails can be tested for THC is these are the worst two if you are required to take one. Signals of pot use can appear to the right hair test for up to a year or more and the fingernail cuticle test could reveal even longer then that. If you have a court ordered drug screen and they specify a one of the two above you should really worry but at lest you can avoid one of them. If you have to get your hair tested for THC the best thing to do is the day before just cut it short if you are a girl or a guy just shave it right down to little stubs pretty much just enough for them to get a small piece. Continue reading...

Stop wasting weed

Stop wasting weed

Wasting weed is very common almost everyone who smokes it does in some way waste a huge amount when added up over the course of a year and you might be blown away but just how much. Weed gets wasted in many ways such as weed lost that fell through the bowl in your bong and down into the water. By filling the bowl too much or even letting your weed dry out too much.

Stop wasting weed and learn how to conserve.

1. Most find that a fully packed bowl marijuana is both pleasing to the eye and functional since you won’t have to repack it but you should avoid this at any cost. The reason this is not a good way to conserve your stash is in between hits the weed will still be burning and thus wasting away, unless you consider it incense you should only fill the bowl enough for a few pulls. Over a long period of time and depending on how much weed you smoke you could save a huge amount following this simple tip.

2. For the love of god use a gauze in your bowl, also known as a weed screen. So much gets lost into the bong its not even funny, and if you think it is recoverable I say good luck to you because fishing weed out of bong water is a pain in the ass.

3. Always keep your weed at lest a little bit moist, why? because super dry weed burns real quick and just like the movie, it goes up in smoke.

4. Always roll your joints, blunts on a rolling tray, if you dont you will lose a considerable amount over time by crystals and tiny weed particles falling off. The same goes for packing bowls, use a tray with upper edges. When you are done always put the remainder away so a fan or gust of wind doesnt send your weed flying away.

5. Do not let your weed get to much moisture for too long because weed does get moldy and you do not want to smoke moldy weed.

6. Scrape out your bowls after a few sessions because they get filled up with resin and this makes pulling a haul very hard and often you just end up lighting the weed on top but cant really pull it in.

7. Do not roll big joints or blunts, this just wastes weed at an incredible rate, it may look cool but a few days later if you are out you will wish you didnt.

8. A great way on how not to waste your weed is by not carrying the bud around with out being wrapped up. It is only common sense some of the bud can fall off.

9. Do not smoke too much, There is a point when smoking more is a waste and has no effect in the big picture. Just wait awhile.

10. Using the right kind of lighter can avoid weed being wasting. Continue reading...

Glass bubbler pipes

Glass bubbler pipes

A crazed combination of a water bong and pipe all mixed into one little package. These glass bubbler pipes are the best of both world half being a pipe and the other a water bong. For those who love to smoke a pipe but find it often to harsh then glass bubblers are for you. If you are looking to buy bubbler pipes you have come to the right place, We have a list of bubblers and the companies you can buy then from below.

Inferno snake glass bubbler

This amazing hand blown bubbler is a creation in it self with each one being unique. Able to hold a large amount of water and equipped with a large pipe and a good sized bowl this one will ensure big smooth tokes.

Molino winged bubbler
Made with the best borosilicate glass and engineered by reverse glass blowing techniques this is another innovation by Molino. Each pipe is unique since they are blow by hand

Molino double reversed blue bubbler
Made out of borosilicate high end glass makes this bubbler a life long companion. Amazing blue design with ducktale and an almost straight up pipe shaft you simply cannot go wrong with this one.

Inferno dimpled and lined bubbler
For this price it doesnt get any better then this. With a unique style and a large reserve for water the buck stops here.

Glass bubblers are easy to toke and enjoy. Being cost effective and absolute unique designs these style of pipe find homes in every ones hearts. Very portable and easy to clean these bubblers are becoming a hit sensation and top sellers for bong companies. Continue reading...

Cleaning glass bong bowls

Cleaning glass bong bowls

After a few uses your bong and its weed bowl will usually have a build up of weed ash and weed resin. At first this may not be a big deal but over time your bongs bowl will get so dirty it will literally get clogged up with resin and you will be unable to smoke through your bong or at lest its bowl anyways anymore until you clean it. Many bong shops will try and sell you their overpriced bong and pipe cleaners without informing you there is a cheaper better solution to cleaning your bowls. All you have to do is invest under 10 dollars in buying isopropanol 99% rubbing alcohol which can be found at most pharmacies.By cleaning your bongs bowl, pipe, or downspout you can with very little work make your equipment look just like the day you bought it.
How to clean your bongs bowl cleaning your bongs bowl in a bag
A very clean easy way to keep your bowls

  1.  Use a Ziploc baggie and pour ispropanol about 1/4 of the bag.
  2. Add a few tablespoons of salt.
  3. Now add your glass bong bowl or metal bowl.
  4. Close the seal and shake for about a minute.

Now depending on how much weed resin has built up in the bowl your may need to let the bowl sit in the solution for about 30 minutes.
Other ways to clean your bongs bowl Using the finger method
This is perhaps the best way to clean your bongs bowl fast and easy. Be careful not to drop the bow.

  1. Place your finger inside the bowl lightly.
  2. Turn the bowl upside down.
  3. pour salt in the bottom of the bowls downspout but only a small amount.
  4. While continuing to have your finger in the bowl add isopropanol 99% in the bottom.
  5. One the isopropanol 99% is added take another finger and hold the bottom end.
  6. Shake around for about 1 minute and dump out the dirt.
  7. Take some tissue and clean the weed bowl top, It will be soaked in isopropanol 99% so it will clean. easy.
  8. Your done.

Cleaning your bongs bowl leave in method
The best way to ensure your bowls are always clean is to leave your bowls in isopropanol 99% over night.

  1. Using Tupperware pour in enough isopropanol 99% to cover your weed bowls.
  2. Add salt and stir or shake.
  3. Place the used weed bowls inside and let sit over night ( make sure to put a lid on the container)
  4. Moving on to the next day: your bowl will be nice and clean so just rinse and use.
Continue reading...
How to clean bong downspouts

How to clean bong downspouts

Like all bong equipment, your bong downspout should also get a daily cleaning.

  • Use any of the above methods to clean your bongs downspout.
  • If you have a diffused downspout you might not want to use the finger method since the solution will leak
  • A good way to always have a clean bong downspout is to buy an extra and let site in isopropanol 99% when not in use.

Caution is in order when cleaning bong downspouts. They can break very easily.
Cleaning weed pipes Best way to clean weed pipes
You defiantly will want to clean your weed pipe since when pulling a dirty pipe will not be good for dental hygiene

  1. Place your finger over the choke hole of the pipe and also inside the bowl.
  2. Tip upside down and add salt and isopropanol 99% in the mouth piece.
  3. Taking another hand or finger also cover the mouth piece.
  4. Now shake around the weed pipe with the isopropanol 99%  and salt inside for about 1 minute.
  5. Pour out the isopropanol 99% and salt and take tissue and clean the bowl.
  6. Rinse and you are done.

Polishing up the bongs bowl, downspout or pipes
Want to achieve that head shop sparkle in your equipment like the day you bought it? After you clean try giving the bongs, bowls, pipes, downspouts a rinse of Windex or window cleaner. By doing this it stops the water marks that appear from the drying water after you cleaned it. After you rinse with window cleaner then rinse again with water. The last rinse gets rid of the window cleaner chemicals will stopping hard water stains on the glass. Continue reading...

How to pass a drug test

How to pass a drug test

Often in many situations, you will have to take part in a drug test and this may be because of work, personal or even criminal matters so why not find out now if you will pass a drug test. Incredibly there are ways to test yourself at home to see what shows up in your system using a home drug test kit. Why risk taking a real drug test if you are only going to fail it just does not make sense find out before hand so that you may find some way to delay the real drug test until things clear out of your body. We have found a company that offers home drug test kits that work and

We have found a company that offers home drug test kits that work and are very cheap considering it may just save you a heap of trouble.This home drug test is a urine test that you can take part in the privacy of your own washroom.

THC and cannabis, in general, can stay in your system for up to 30 days sometimes less sometimes more this differs from person to person. If you want to find how can you pass a drug test is to take a home drug test.

What are the benefits of taking a home drug test

By taking a regular home drug test you will always know before anyone else does on what exactly will show up. This can save you losing a job, no one wants to be in financial trouble simply don’t risk getting that random drug test at work or losing a promotion or worse getting fired after taking their drug test and failing. Continue reading...

Diffusers make a difference

Diffusers make a difference

Many bongs come with diffusers nowadays with different styles colors shapes and sizes but do they make a difference. Absolutely without a doubt, bong diffusers completely changed our smoking experience from our favorite piece. Percolators although different in the purpose technically function as a diffuser in the same manner as downspout diffusers do. By separating the cannabis smoke into smaller streams allows the smoke to be cooled much faster than by using a standard downspout without a diffuser or a bong without a percolator. The most widely used type of diffuser is most noticeable by the slices in the glass near the downspout base. Obviously never attempt to make your own diffuser out of glass because there is an extreme chance of injuring yourself. One of the best reasons to upgrade your bong from the regular downspout in your bong you already have and yes it is possible. All you have to do is remove the current downspout, Take a measurement of it and run to your local head shop and inform them of the size you require. Most head shops have single piece downspout diffusers you can purchase extremely cheap in the range of 3 25 dollars depending on what size, Thickness, Make, and quality you need. Are there exceptions to the rule? yes, Some unique diffusers for

All you have to do is remove the current downspout, Take a measurement of it and run to your local head shop and inform them of the size you require. Most head shops have single piece downspout diffusers you can purchase extremely cheap in the range of 3 25 dollars depending on what size, Thickness, Make, and quality you need. Are there exceptions to the rule? yes, Some unique diffusers for bongs can be higher then 25 dollars, But only in the case of workmanship and the extra eye candy a company puts into that particular design.
This is a common question and really doesnt have an answer that would be widely excepted. One might think to themselves an answer of (no) but many claim it does make a tiny difference on the pulling of the bong whether easier or not. So this will be left up to you the reader to decide. As for the functionality of bong diffusers there is simply no question, They do make a difference no matter what temperature the water is or the size of the bong this is without question.If you are interested in a killer setup adding diffusers to your percolator bong is hands down only going to benefit anyone smoking out of the newly diffused downspout bong. Even more sick is having a diffused downspout then adding a diffused ash catcher on a percolator bong, This insuring the maximum cooling or heating (if your using hot water) for your bong. Continue reading...

Cannabis kreations

Cannabis kreations

Although this may seem obvious to those who know how. My own experience with a friend made me think maybe I should write about how to smoke a bong for any of those who do not know how. Basically, you want to pack your bowl full of herb make sure you are standing or at least sitting because these are the two positions that constrict the lung the least and put your mouth on the mouthpiece or bong chamber and light the bowl. If you cant take a big toke then only light for 1 second and pull. As soon as you see the bong start to fill up stop pulling lift the bowl out if its a pullout and inhale all the herb all at once. Constrict your chest and hold in for a few seconds then gently exhale the herb.

Sounds easy right knowing how to smoke a bong? My friend could not understand this fact no matter how many times I tried to explain it. He would light the bowl as you should then keep inhaling only to stop 1/4 through and left the bowl in. I would say dude take it all in his reply was Nahhh arghgg I cant I explained to him he couldnt take it all in cause he never lifted the damn bowl out! He is not the first person either that I have come across that simply dont understand if its a pull out bowl its meant to be pulled out lol, And if its a leave in bowl just release the choke. The worst thing you can do is leave a bunch of the damn herb smoke in the bong for more than 20 seconds because it does get stale no matter what you think and will seem much harsher then if you took the whole herb toke in at once. For us how to smoke a bong seems easy but for others, it is a continuous learning curve. Continue reading...