Types of Natural Mind Altering Herbs

As some topics seem to explode, not much is said about natural mind-alterants. There are several different natural mind alterations and natural mood enhancers such as stimulants, mood brighteners, brain boosters, relaxants, inebriants, and aphrodisiacs.

Some effects are shared among the natural remedies but each remedy seems to have its very own unique attribute. Many are still in question in North America, especially the Western society. Natural mind alteration causes a confusion and resistance among some public and political representatives.

Stimulants, also known as excitants, are substances that increase action of the central nervous system. This leads to improved alertness, higher ability to concentrate, and increased physical and mental endurance. Caffeine is the most popular stimulant in the U.S. found in drinks such as coffee and soda. Several caffeinated herbs such as green tea have additional ingredients that prove to be a healthier source of caffeine. Even though ephedrine contains no caffeine, its effect on the brain is the same. Ephedrine is a bite more potent, and as a result a very controversial topic in the natural herb world. Certain amino acids, primarily phenylalanine and tyrosine, can also provide an energy lift. Using a vaporizer like the pax 3 could easily enhance these effects so you should try it to experience a whole new level of stimulation.